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inda / creative project

Course explanation

What student will gain from the course 

Basic design thinking process

Work on process

Interview and skill test



  • have a full plan of what should be include in portfolio

  • A list of possibility of what can be done in port, publication, 

  • whatsoever

  • What student will gain from the course

  • A necessary skills, design principle 

  • Final outcome of student

  •  Full Portfolio preparation

  • Lecture class

  • Design process 

  • Design thinking

  • Design principle

  • Skills based program

  • What is architectuture 

  • How to design ,How to create a design project

  • Project development , How to research

  • preparation Interview

  • How to prepare before went to interviews

  • Basic knowledge of design , trends and architecture 

  • Skill test ,How to present work

  • Time management on work

  • Design and drawing technique suggestion 

  • Portfolio requirement  at least 1-4 project (The portfolio is supposed to have at least 4 parts and others are optional. )

  • work on assigned creativity subject.

  • working on commde requirement

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